Dream Team

Nicole Camacho, Director

A native of Long Island and Alumni of Hofstra University’s Music Education Program, Nicole Camacho started this organization as a result of watching many talented Long Island musicians flock to New York City to work and to share their gifts. It was in her studies at the Manhattan School of Music for Contemporary Flute Performance that she cultivated her love for the art of performance in every genre. All the while, Ms. Camacho never lost sight of the goal to create jobs and opportunities for musicians on Long Island as well as opportunities for the youth of Long Island to immerse themselves in concert culture.  More information on Ms. Camacho’s adventures as a performer, composer, and educator can be found at www.NicoleCamacho.com.

The Music Unboxed Production Team

Carsianny Osias

Carsianny Osias

Nancy Camacho

Nancy Camacho

Carina Camacho

Carina Camacho

Cesare Papetti

Cesare Papetti

Music Unboxed Dream Team Interns

Hinano Ishii

Hinano Ishii, Summer 2012 Intern

Hinano Ishii, was the first intern for Music Unboxed.  She is from the town of Jericho in Long island, NY and is a wonderful Musician, Educator, and Creative Thinker.  She contributed to the initial development of this organization and started the MU Intern tradition.

Andrea Reinhold, Fall 2012 Intern

 To Apply for a Music Unboxed Internship, Contact Us.

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