About Us

“BOXES WisH they could HoLD ThiS!”

Connecting People With Performers; Putting A On Spin Music Education

Based in the tri-state area, Music Unboxed is an organization dedicated to expanding musical culture by producing concerts, student workshops, and events that unite communities and musicians.  Our mission is to build stronger communities through live music events.

MUSIC UNBOXED CONCERT SERIES.  Featuring professional artists of classical, jazz, world, and contemporary music, our concerts will be held in the heart of your town involving local music students! Enjoy a show at your library, community center, church, museum, local supermarket/deli, or even on main street! DONATE HERE

EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS.  We are big on creating opportunities for students to not only listen but also INTERACT with artists! Workshops are geared towards 1) Career Development: The Business side of a Performing Artist 2)  MEET the ARTIST Sessions: Open to the Public! 3) Masterclass and Jam Sessions: Professional guests coach young artists-to-be.

Karavika’s Testimonial as Performing Artists in our June 2012 Concert Production

“Today’s Music Unboxed performance reminded us of something… experiencing music – whether as an artist or as a listener – is not merely about notes on a page or technical facility, but in a deeper sense, it involves risk taking and openness. Music Unboxed provides a platform for students and artists to engage in ways beyond the “notes on the page” – and in return, share the experience with the audience. As an Indian-inspired chamber ensemble aiming to push musical boundaries ourselves, we were honored to lead today’s student workshop and concert. The magical part for us was working with the young string students of the community who had beautifully prepared our Indian-flavored compositions, were brave enough to delve in to the realm of improvisation, (many for the first time!), and then perform with us for a warm and receptive audience.” -Karavika (Watch/Listen)


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