Community at the Center: Go Beyond the Musical Part of Concert Planning :)

When it comes to putting together a concert, artists are traditionally taught to choose and prepare the music. The audience typically serves as our community element, but is there a way to take community involvement a step further?

I cannot recall being taught in a classroom to produce or program in a way that includes the community as a major component in the construction of a concert. Fortunately, I find more and more of this happening!

Here are some ideas of ways to build community support for your event:

  1. Hold the event in the heart of town; e.g., a library or church.
  2. Schedule the date of the show and select your music around a special event or holiday; e.g., Martin Luther King Day, St. Patrick’s Day, National Hug Day (January 21!!!), or even someone’s BIRTHDAY!
  3. Hold a student/performer workshop for Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts and have them hand out programs as guests walk in.

How are you putting a spin on community involvement in the process of concert production? We believe there are those out there eager to incorporate these ideas into their upcoming shows and would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Please share!

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